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What is AES?

AES is a scholarship program started by Syrian academics and professionals in Germany and around the globe, who feel the responsibility to pass the chance they got to other students struggling to get an opportunity to complete their higher education

AES is part of the German-Syrian Research Society (DSFG e.V.). We believe that each person has the right to get decent education. Higher education represents a catalyst and an agent of change and development for individuals and societies.  

  • The scholarship is based on the conviction that investing in individuals is essential in order to equip them with the right tools to face the challenges of Syria’s and Germany’s future.
  • AES is open to all Syrians regardless of political views, religions, ethnicities or genders.

What will we Offer

Pre-study phase:
  • provide scholarship holders with organizational and logistic support as they plan their arrival to Germany or to their universities
  • support in applying for German universities

  • provide a language tandem partner in English or German
  • Provide an academic tandem to support in the early phases of the study period

Our Plan

Get a Concept and Start Raising Fund

We started with an idea, formed a team, grew our team, established partnerships, contacted donors, and started raising fund.

Launching Small Scholarship while Raising Fund

Simultaneously with the previous step, we have started by launching small scholarships, such as the Language Exam scholarship

Announce the call for the scholarship

Once we have secured the fund for a number of students, we will announce the call to apply.

Welcoming the first Batch

It will be a happy day for our team, the start of a new phase of the program, and preparations for the next Batches.

Get Involved

Make a Donation: you can donate once or with a monthly subscription.  A monthly donation of 10 euros for a period of 2 years will cover 2% of one student’s expenses for one year, or 25% of their monthly expenses.
You might think your contribution is small, but be sure it has a big influence and it moves us a step forward to reach our aspiration.
Bigger Contributions and annual contributions are rewarded as seen fitting with a List of Reward prizes offered by our partners.

Become a Student Sponsor: we give the opportunity for individuals, companies and organizations; to become sponsors for a student or a number of students by covering their living expenses for at least one year. To discuss the terms of this sponsorship, we would be happy to receive your inquiries.

Become a Reward Sponsor: Are you or your organization considering being a long-term supporter of AES Rewards Program by providing rewards to donors and sponsors! We will be thrilled to add your contribution to our List of rewards. Please contact us.

Become a Partner: would you personally or your organization like to become a partner of AES efforts to support the Syrian academic society? We are thrilled to cooperate with you.

Take Action Now!

Feel free to contact us, we will happily answer your queries!

Glimpse from our Contributors

  As we are in the crowdfunding process, it is worth mentioning that the majority of our contributors are Syrian individuals

Mentoring Program

You can also support our prospective students by signing up to be one of our Germany-wide network of mentors. You can be:


Guiding new students in their first weeks in the country. We will be happy to receive your registration form.

Academic Mentor

Supporting students in the new academic and scholarly environment. This could also include helping them coping with a specific field of research and exchanging on possible research topics. We will be happy to receive your registration form.

Language Mentor

After learning a language, Syrian students abroad or in Syria need to practice it and make contacts in this language. We will be happy to receive your registration form.

Support students in applying for a scholarship

Choosing of the this variations of mentoring, you can guide studnets in the process of applying for an international scholarship through, for e.g. support in searching for fund opportunities, in writing a motivation letter, or throughout the application process in general

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Feel free to contact us, we will happily answer your queries!

Rewarded Subscriptions

Nader Ganem M.A. in International Business Management International Organisations Management Email: nader.ghanem@ds-fg.de

Ahmad Helal Eddin
M.A. in Accounting, Finance Controlling and Taxation International Financial Management Email: ahmad.helal@ds-fg.de

Mustafa Karahamad
M.A. in History and Politics
INGO’s Management
Email: mustafa.kara@ds-fg.de

Hani Harb Ph.D. in Immunology and Epigenetics
Fund Raising and Organization Management
Email: Hani.harb@ds-fg.de

Frequently Asked Questions

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Take Action Now!

Feel free to contact us, we will happily answer your queries!